“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”


~ Albert Einstein

Vatt Vriksh is a Training and Coaching Consulting firm founded by Mridula Sankhyayana consultant, coach and trainer with 25 years of rich professional experience in executing talent management and talent development strategies for organizations.

FullSizeRenderWe help businesses solve their talent development needs by coaching leaders and providing tools to managers to drive business and manage people and deliver  accelerate their business and people performance.

We can customize talent solutions to any organization’s specific needs to help achieve results that are visible, sustainable and impactful.

At Vatt Vriksh, our belief is that talented people are the key differentiators of enduring organizations. Talent Development and Engagement shows up amongst the top three priorities of CEOs of leading edge organizations – Expand Business, Grow Talent and Manage Risk.

Research suggests that organizations that invest in Talent Management and Talent Development achieve high levels of employee engagement and productivity.

As per The Talent Management Factbook® research by Deloitte enduring organizations experience

  • 41% lower turnover rates among high performers
  • Median revenue per employee is 26% higher
  • 28% less likely to have had a major layoff in 2009
  • 109% more capable of retaining high performers
  • 87% more capable of “hiring the best people”
  • 92% better at “responding to current economic conditions”
  • 144% better at “planning for future talent needs.”


Vatt Vriksh focuses on building trusting partnerships with clients by consistently delivering high quality coaching, learning and development. We inspire leaders to grow more leaders. We empower managers and employees to go the extra mile in delivering results and building an inclusive culture.