Are you a manager and struggling to keep it together?

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Lagging behind on your deliverables because you spent most day listening to team troubles, solving team conflicts, escalations, attending meetings, ad-hoc requests from your leaders?

When you dive in details, ask questions and do it yourself, you are labeled micro manager
When you delegate you get feedback to get more hands on
When you promote your team members you are biased
When you don’t, you are told you must think of giving growth opportunities to your team
When you give feedback, you lack empathy
When you don’t, you hear, “my manager is not interested in coaching me and providing me platform.”
When you are doing reviews, you are a task master
When you praise one, the other feels left out
When you get praised, you stole team’s credit
And the list goes on and on…

So eventually you sit there wondering, what in the world was I thinking when I asked for that promotion and wanted to manage a team!

Who said being a manager was easy? Infact, it is one of the most challenging jobs. Who wants to be managed anyway, who wants to pay you for managing others. After all we are all adults and quite capable of managing ourselves. So being a manager then feels like a redundant role and a thankless job.

However, if you truly are any good at any or all of the above, then your value is truly recognized. Especially when you stop managing and start leading!
Leadership is hard but very rewarding work. It starts with “Being an expert” at something, then “Being the go to” person, “Getting things done” and “investing time with your team” because you are interested in their development and growth as well not just yours.

Don’t just tell them what to do, but tell the “why” too?
Don’t just delegate, but coach too.
Don’t just praise but share the work for which the praise is due.
Don’t just hear them but listen well and empathize
Don’t just talk of what you have done, share what the team has done
Don’t just give business targets, tell them how this links to the bigger picture
Don’t just reprimand, reward too. Never criticize in public. We all have frail ego’s. My selfies say it all.

So what’s new, you must have heard this in every performance review and feedback conversation! It’s not what, but How? That is the big question.

Invest in one new skill every 6 months, its survival of the fittest, increase your learning agility, building yourself as a manager who is a leader. Don’t manage, just Lead!

To know more or post a question write to Mridula Sankhyayan, visit Vatt Vriksh Consultants.