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Running in the right direction! Are you?

Who wants to reach the age of 60 and brood over regrets?? Nah not me.. do you??

I wish I had travelled to the hills, beaches more….

I wish I spent more time playing, chatting with my kids when they were young…. 

I wish I had visited a friend from school….

I wish I had taken time out for old age home, special needs kids….

I wish I had listened to my dad, mom attentively when they called me at work or even on the weekends…

I wish I had gone to Mansarovar or valley of flowers, Egypt….

I wish I had joined the hobby classes for baking, clay modeling, Yoga…

I wish I had exercised more…

I wish I had eaten healthy…

bizpicq1May be one or two of these will resonate with you. May be you have your own list of “I Wish…” But life is a vicious cycle. It goes round and round in circles and very few people are able to step out to see the “Merry-go-round” that used to be so much fun in childhood! We hopped on and we hopped off at will, we increased the speed to feel the thrill and we slowed it down to get a friend onboard but we were always in control of our Merry-go-round.

Now we are so busy. Busy like a bee working harder and harder and yes having a sense of achievement with each project target met, an assignment successfully completed, a deal signed off, a presentation done well, a bonus to bring a smile on your face! A trip to Swiss Alps, Cambodia or Disneyland! Pictures on facebook, 100+ likes , wow’s  they don’t have a sign for feeling jealous yet!!

Then what? Another year of grind! You have to earn to maintain your lifestyle! Kids in IB schools, college admissions, marriage, and anniversary diamond for the wife, five star birthday party for the hubby….it’s a never ending list.

But then there is a wakeup call! There always is one! A beggar on the street that touched your heart, a community project you went to, sponsored by office which made you think and think hard! Listening to a friend who quit his corporate job to follow his passion, a goal setting exercise in a training program which reminded you of your childhood dreams and long term mission in life!

Question is what will you do? Will you wake up to that call? The call keeps coming now ever so often! But will you wakeup to that call? Call that your soul truly desires, call that connects to you deeply. Maybe that’s what you came to do before you got caught in the most exciting play of your life- home to work, work to home, weekend grocery shopping and throw in once in a while parties, outings.  A deception of a rich fulfilling life! By the way difficult to give up as well as you have the lead role! You are the protagonist of this play!

Perhaps you will wake up soon enough! Or maybe you are awake and realize it but have a million reasons for why you cannot stop the play. It requires courage! Rohit Shetty, my college batchmate shared this quote today in our WA group defining courage.

“Courage is taking a step forward into an area of difficulty without a solution in mind, trusting that whatever help you need will become available” But do you have the courage to take that step to your calling?

Wake up before it’s too late! Who wants to lead a life of regrets!

Don’t think I have done it all. I am hearing the call loud and clear but trying to muster up the courage!

Like someone said – “In the end we only regret the chances we didnt take”


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